Bear Planter (Detailed Finish)
Grizzly Bear (Detailed Finish)
Grizzly Bear on Rocks (Detailed Finish)
Bear Cubs Climbing Tree (Detailed Finish)
Medium Standing Bear (Detailed Finish)
Life Size Bear Dark (Teak)
Bear Standing with Paws Out (Detailed Finish)
Sitting Bear Cub (Detailed Finish)
Large Standing Bear 600 pounds (Detailed Finish)
Medium Standing Bear (Detailed Finish)
Playful Bear Cubs
Bear Coffee Table (Black Marble)
Bear Coffee Table (Black Marble) with Wood Slab (Diameter of Slab is 28)
Dress me up Bear (Detailed Finish)


Beaver (Detailed Finish)


Buffalo (Detailed Finish)


Large Cow (Detailed Finish)
Standing Calf (Detailed Finish)
Laying Calf (Detailed Finish)
Standing Hereford (Detailed Finish)
Beef Skull (Antique White)
Bull (Detailed Finish)
Life Size Cow 3800 pounds(Detailed Finish)
Large Jersey Cow (Detailed Finish)
Small Cow (Detailed Finish)
Curled Calf (Detailed Finish)
Hereford Calf (Detailed Finish)
Tiny Calf (Detailed Finish)
Laying Hereford Bull Calf (Detailed Finish)


Dinosaur (Detailed Finish)
Life Size 3 Horned Dinosaur (3000 pounds, Natural Finish)
Dino the Dinosaur 500 pounds (Natural Finish)
Life Size Standing Dinosaur 600 pounds (Natural Finish)
Small Standing Dinosaur (Detailed Finish)


Donkey & Cart (Detailed Finish)
Donkey (Detailed Finish)
Stubborn Donkey (Detailed Finish)
Donkey & Pots
Donkey with Hat & Cart (Detailed Finish)
Donkey with Hat (Detailed Finish)
1pc. Donkey and Cart (Detailed Finish)
Jack Jr. (Detailed Finish)


Spouting Elephant (Detailed Finish)
Elephant with Logs (Detailed Finish)
Elephant (Detailed Finish)
Elephant with Tusks
Decorative Elephant (Black Marble)
Sitting Spouting Elephant (Black Marble)
Small Elephant (Detailed Finish)
Life Size Baby Elephant (Natural Finish)
Elephant with Mouse (Detailed Finish)
Baby Elephant (Detailed Finish)


Sitting Male Fox (Detailed Finish)
Mother Fox (Detailed Finish)
Baby Fox (Detailed Finish)
Daddy Fox (Detailed Finish)


Giraffe (Detailed Finish)
Large Giraffe (Detailed Finish)
Small Laying Giraffe (Detailed Finish)
Paula the Winking Giraffe (Detailed Finish)

Goats and Sheep

Laying Ram (Black Marble)
Standing Lamb (Detailed Finish)
Standing Goat (Detailed Finish)
Standing Sheep (Detailed Finish)
Small laying Lamb (Detailed Finish)
Small Standing Goat (Detailed Finish)


Hedgehog with Apple and Mouse (Detailed Finish)
Hedgehog Family (Detailed Finish)
Large Hedgehog (Detailed Finish)
Small Hedgehog (Detailed Finish)


Hippos (Detailed Finish)


Large Rearing Horse (3200 pounds, Detailed Finish)
Pony (Detailed Finish)
Large Horse (Detailed Finish)
Small Horse (Detailed Finish)
Horse & Cart (Detailed Finish)
Small Clydesdale Horse (Detailed Finish)
Zebra (Detailed Finish)
Unicorn (Detailed Finish)
Pegasus (Detailed Finish)
Horse Head (Black Marble)
Large Horse Head
Medium Horse Head
Horse Head with Base Black Marble
Head Up Clydesdale (Detailed Finish)
Head Down Clydesdale (Detailed Finish)


Mouse (Black Marble)
Mouse (Detailed Finish)
Tiny Mouse


See No Evil, Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil, Do no Evil Monkeys


Life Size Moose (3000 pounds, Detailed Finish)
Moose Head (Detailed Finish)


Welcome Pig (Detailed Finish)
Large Pig (Detailed Finish)
Chunk Pig (Detailed Finish)
Weiner Pig (Detailed Finish)
Female Motorcycle Hog (Black Marble)
Male Motorcycle Hog (Black Marble)
Sheriff Pig (Detailed Finish)
Small Sheriff Pigs (Detailed Finish)
Medium Chunck Pig
Flat Laying Pig (Detailed Finish)
Small Sitting Pig (Detailed Finish)
Large Sitting Pig (Wilbur Detailed Finish)
Porky Pig (Detailed Finish)
Petunia Pig (Detailed Finish)
Tiny Sitting Pig (Detailed Finish)
Tiny Crouched Pig (Detailed Finish)
Tiny Standing Pig (Detailed Finish)


Rabbit with Leaf Birdbath (Detailed Finish)
Medium Laying Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Medium Sitting Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Rabbit Set (1 Rabbit, 2 Bunnies Detailed Finish)
Peeking Bunny (Black Marble)
Peter Rabbit with Basket (Black Marble)
Bunny Carrying Basket (Detailed Finish)
Texas Jack Jr. (Teak)
Small Crouching Bunny (Detailed Finish)
Sitting Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Texas Jack Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Mr. Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Mrs. Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Standing Long Haired Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Laying Long Haired Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Mrs. Country Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Mr. Country Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Rabbit Cart (Detailed Finish)
Laying Flop Eared Bunny (Detailed Finish)
Thumper Bunny (Detailed Finish)
Standing Flop Eared Bunny (Detailed Finish)
Cabbage Pot Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Peter Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Tiny Standing Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Tiny Sitting Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Bumper Bunny (Detailed Finish)
Extra Tiny Rabbit (Detailed Finish)
Crouched-Standing Bunny (Detailed Finish)
Large Crouched-Crawling Bunny (Detailed Finish)
Dress Up Jack Rabbit (Antique White)
Jack Rabbit with Basket (Black Marble Finish)


Raccoon and Turtle (Detailed Finish)
Crouching Raccoon (Detailed Finish)
Raccoon Twins (Detailed Finish)

Sea Animals

Dolphin (Black Marble)
Large Seal (Detailed Finish)
Sea Lion (Detailed Finish)


Seahorse (Antique White)
Small Seahorse (Teak)

Skunk Set

Skunk Set (Detailed Finish)


Squirrel (Detailed Finish)
Small Chipmunk (Detailed Finish)
Small Squirrel Light (Teak)
Squirrel with Stump (Detailed Finish)
Hunched Over Squirrel with Nut
Squirrel with Nuts (Detailed Finish)
Climbing Squirrel (Detailed Finish)
Medium Squirrel
Tiny Crouched Squirrel
Tall Squirrel (Black Marble)

Wild Cats

Cougar on Logs (Detailed Finish)
Tiger (Detailed Finish)
Sitting Tiger
Laying Tiger