Large Ashtray
Medium Ashtray
Small Ashtray


Totem Pole
3pc Tree Face
Totem Pole
Carved Wood Figure
Thin Totem Pole
Carved Mexican Figure
Small Thin Totem Pole
Aztec Man
Medium Tiki
Large Tiki
Triple Totem Poles
Small Tiki

Circles Of Life

Small Circle of Life
Circle Of Life

Concrete Balls

22 inch Ball
18 inch Ball
15 inch Ball
10 inch Ball
8 inch Ball
12 inch Ball


3 Piece Dragon
3 Piece Large Dragon


Large Wind Bird Feeder
Sun Face Bird Feeder
Hummingbird Feeder

Finales and Caps

Tulip Fountain Finale
Large Finale
Square Cap
Finale Cap

Foot Prints

Butterfly Foot Print
Dragonfly Foot Print

Garden Rocks

Small My Garden Rock
Small Our Garden Rock
Small Welcome to my Garden Rock
Small Mom's Garden Rock
Home Sweet Home Garden Rock
Love My Garden Garden Rock
Welcome to my Garden Garden Rock
Welcome to our Garden Turtle and Frog Garden Rock
True Friends Garden Rock
Grow Old with Me Garden Rock
 Large Hummingbird & Butterfly Welcome Garden Rock
Welcoming Fairy Garden Rock
Rose Welcome Garden Rock
"Welcome" Frog Garden Rock
Grandma's Garden Rock
Mom's Garden Rock
Welcome to My Garden Lazy Frog and Turtle Garden Rock
Grandpa's Garden Rock
Dad's Garden Rock

Garden Stones

Dad's Garden Stone
Grandpa's Garden Stone
Mom's Garden Stone
Grandma's Garden Stone
"Gardening Angel" Garden Stone
"One Who Plants..." Garden Stone
Cardinal "Wecome" Garden Stone
Squirrel "Welcome" Garden Stone
Welcome to my Garden Stone
Time Began in God's Garden Garden Stone
The Garden of Weeden Garden Stone

Light Posts

Short Light Stand
Square Lamp Post
Square Lamp Post (bottom only)


One Piece Lighthouse


Tear's Book
Directional Marker
Old Bliss
Cooler Seat
Large Wagon Wheel
Small Bridge
Globe Sphere
Bluebird House

Patio Stones

Welcome to Our Garden Patio Stone
Rabbit Circle
Dragon Fly Patio Stone
Bird House Patio Stone
Hummingbird with Flowers Patio Stone
Hummingbird & Flower Patio Stone
Child Angel with Jug Patio Stone
Hunting Deer Patio Stone
Angel and Fairies Patio Stone


Garland Pedestal with Round Top
Short Pattern Pedestal
Celtic Pedestal
Rose Pedestal
Cherub Pedestal
36 inch Corinthian Pedestal
42 inch Corinthian Pedestal
Circular Pedestal
Scroll Pedestal
Half Pedestal
Fancy Column
Roman Leaf Pedestal
Dolphin Pedestal
Small Cluster Pedestal
2pc. Fluted Pedestal
Fluted Bottom Pedestal
Fluted Top
Gothic Pedestal
Angel Column Pedestal
Fancy Pedestal

Pedestals & Bases

Round Pedestal Base
Fluted Motif Pedestal
Garden Column
Square Fluted Pedestal
Victorian Pedestal
Giraffe Pedestal
Classic Pedestal
Extra Large Pedestal
Column Victorian Base


Large Cactus
Giant Pineapple
Palm Tree
Small Fruit Cluster
Large Corn Cob
Large Pineapple
Extra Large Pineapple
Large Fruit Cluster
Small Corn Cob

Plaque Stand

Plaque Stand


Tears Plaque
Nearer God's Heart Plaque
Spade Away Plaque
Wild Turkey Plaque
Large 10 Commandments Plaque
Small 10 Commandments Plaque
Farewell Plaque
Flower Garden Plaque
Fireman with Hydrant Plaque
Cat Paw Print Plaque
Beagle Paw Print plaque
Memory Plaque
Wanted Plaque
Fireman Plaque
Git Er' Done Plaque
Got er' Done Plaque
The Fireman Prayer Plaque
Policeman's Prayer plaque
Chain Link Plaque
Grandma and Grandpa Plaque
Tickle the Earth Plaque
Little Girl Praying Plaque
Tears Plaque with Heart & Rose
Fireman Crest
Policeman Crest
Angel Praying Plaque
God Grant Me Plaque
May you find comfort Plaque
Our Hearts Ache Daughter Plaque
Our Hearts Ache Son Plaque
Mom-Forever in My Heart Plaque
Faithful Friend Plaque
Fire Dept Plaque
Don't Cry for Me Plaque
Tulip Plaque
Bunny Plaque
Grapes Plaque
Grapes and Apricots Plaque
Sunflower Plaque
Square Bacchus Plaque
Small Fairy Welcome Plaque


Horse Hitching Post
Bird Resting Post


Roman Riser


Poseidon Shelf (God of the Sea)
Victorian Wall Shelf
Mythical Face Shelf
Double Angel Wall Shelf
Wide Angel with Wings
Long Angel with Wings Wall Shelf


Egyptian Sphinx
Large Sphinx
Tiny Sphinx


Our Beloved Pet Stone
Puppy on Beloved Pet stone
Dove God Bless Stone
Welcome Lab Stone
Beloved Pet Cat Stone
Peace I leave with you Rock
Fireman Rock with Maltese Cross
Memorial Stone

Sundial Bases

Roman Column Sundial Base
Victorian Column Scroll Base
Medium Twisted Sundial Base
Small Twisted Sundial Base
Lady by the Well Sundial Base
Victorian Sundial Base


Bird Cement Sundial

Sundials With Base

Roman Column Sundial Base with Sundial
Victorian Column Scroll Base with Sundial


Dog Tombstone
Cat Tombstone
Puppy Tombstone
Kitten Tombstone


Pickup Truck
42 Ford Car
Semi Truck
Tractor Trailer
Ford Pick-up Truck
Old Timer's Truck

Wall Plaques

Large Sun face
Mythical Wind face
North Wind Thermometer Plaque
Large Lady Face
Friends Forever Plaque
Wind Face with Zodiac Sign
Wind Face
North Wind Face
Lion Face
Sun Face
Winter Wind Face
South Wind Face
Large Woman Wall Plaque
Leo Lion Face
Sun Face Points
Cherubs Plaque
Angel Thermometer
Missionary Man Wall Hanging
Victorian Dancing Cherubs
Victorian Cherubs Playing Horn
Victorian Cherubs Playing Fiddle
Victorian Cherubs Playing Guitar
Garden Angel Wall Plaque
Oak Plaque
Angel with Wings Plaque


Cowboy Worm