Mother Angel with child
Angel holding Sunflower
Angel with Rabbit
Angel with Shell
Sleeping Angel in Basket
Angel with Nest
Circle of Angels
Kneeling Angel Holding Bird
Angel on Pedestal
Angel only
Kissing Angels
Grieving Angel
Angel Sitting with Shell
Standing Angel with Book
Angel with Lion and Deer
Small Garden Angel
Angel of Hope
Sitting Angel with Book
Angel with Flower on Turtle
Hush-a-bye Angel
Micheal the Arc Angel
Small Hanging Harp Angel
Angel Sleeping in Leaves
Angel Wing Planter
Laying Angel
Sitting Boy Angel with Puppy
Angel Laying with Lion and Lamb
Angels holding Jugs
Extra Large Angel with Child
Cassandra-Angel with Doll
Taylor Angel laying with Dove
Baby in Wings
Girl Angel on Rocks
Angel with Staff
Angel laying on Side
Angel holding Dove over Spill
Cupid Angels
Medium Leaf Angel
Angel with Wreath (Bench sold Separately)
Small Angel in Basket
Hope - Angel of Innocence
Child Angel in Thought
Large Resting Angel
Small Resting Angel
Prayer Child Angel
Angel praying on Pillow
Left-Curled Angel
Right-Curled Angel
Angel with Child
Tessa the Angel
Angel by Bird Bath
Angel of Peace
Welcome Angel
Angel with Jug
Small Sitting Angel
Shelled Wings Angel
Small kneeling Angel
Angel Blowing Kiss
Large Standing Angel
Fancy Angel
Angel on Rocks
Dress Up Angel
Angel on Side
Emily the Daydreamer Angel
Sandy the Goodwill Angel
Boy Angel
Large Angel
Heart Bowl Angel
Dreaming Angel
Angel Kneeling
Standing Angel
Angel on Lily Pad
Large Sitting Angel (Bench Sold Separately)
Rachel - Standing
Rachel - sitting
Leaf Angel
Large Garden Angel
Katie Angel
Angel on Rocks with Spill Bowl
Standing Angel with Dove in Nest
Standing Praying Angel
Standing Guardian Angel
Angel holding Vase
Praying Angel with Wings


See No Evil Cherub
Hear No Evil Cherub
Speak No Evil Cherub
David the Wildlife Cherub
Angel Cherub Bird Feeder


Medium Celtic Cross
Faith, Hope and Love Grapevine Cross
Large Cross
Faith, Hope Love Cross
Children's Safe Journey Cross


Large Angel Grotto
Hands Grotto


Mary in Rose Grotto
Extra Large Virgin Mary (550 pounds)
Mary with Child
Large Virgin Mary
Small Virgin Mary
Mary in Grotto

Nativity Set

Kneeling Mary
Kneeling Joseph
Baby Jesus

Other Religious Statues

Mother Theresa
Jesus Standing with Children
Holy Bible Hands
Jesus Sitting with Children
St. Joseph
St. Anthony
Sacred Heart
St. Jude

St. Fiacre

St. Fiacre
Small St. Fiacre

St. Francis

St. Francis with Lamb
St. Francis by the Well
St. Francis
St. Francis with Doves
Large St. Francis with Dove
Kneeling St. Francis with Bowl
St. Francis with Dove and Dish