Large Dragon
Life Size Dragon on Globe with 6" Globe (450 pounds)
Chinese Dragon
Beware Dragon
Right Dragon Gargoyles
Left Dragon Gargoyles
Curled Dragon on Globe
Sleeping Dragon


Small Sitting Gargoyle
Large Brutis
Medium Gargoyle
Dedo the Gargoyle
Flower Pot gargoyle
Fang Gargoyle
Gargoyle on Fancy Base
Gastoe the Gargoyle
The Thinker Gargoyle
Six Foot Gargoyle (600 pounds)
Rocko Gargoyle
Hunched over Gargoyle
Brutis with Wings
Thinker Gargoyle with Wings
Small Bat Gargoyle
Dog Gargoyle
Horned Gargoyle
Speak No Evil Gargoyle
See No Evil Gargoyle
Hear No Evil Gargoyle
Spalum the Wall Hanging Gargoyle
Banshee the Gargoyle and side view
Small Gargoyle
Disgruntled Gargoyle with Wings
Dog Gargoyle on Castle
Go Away Gargoyle
Chain Gargoyle
Gargoyle on Throne
Fenwick the Gargoyle
Drego the Gargoyle
Peko the Gargoyle
Fenwick the Gargoyle
Extra Large Gargoyle
Dakx the Gargoyle
Small Gargoyle
Small Pan
Gargoyle with Wings Folded Down
Brutis Gargoyle
Gargoyle Wall Plaque
Gargoyle Candle Holder
Gargoyle with Horns
Large Spouting Gargoyle
The God of Pan
Gossett Gargoyle
Curled Gargoyle
4ft Gargoyle (300 pounds)
Lion Gargoyle
Rouffus Gargoyle
Gargoyle Helper Pan


Hatching Dinosaur
Pan Face Shelf
The Evolution Man
Sphinx Candle Holder
Small Pan with Horns Shelf