Big Head Dogs

Big Head Lab
Big Head Pug
Big Head Chihuahua
Big Head Schnauzer
Big Head Beagle
Big Head Dachshund


F. D. Fire Hydrant
Small Fire Hydrant (Detailed Finish)
Large Fire Hydrant
Fire Hat with Dalmatian

Large Breeds

Lab Dog with Pup
Sitting Gray Hound
Golden Retriever
Lab (stain)
German Shepherd (Detailed Finish)
Irish Setter
Small German Shepherd
St. Bernard (Stain)
Standing English Spaniel
Lab with Two Puppies (Black Marble)
Laying Lab with Bone
Looking Left Lab Dog
Looking Right Lab Dog
St. Bernard
Rottweiler Dog

Medium Breeds

Dog with Bone
Standing Beagle
Large Sitting Poodle
Dalmatian with Hat
Dog digging with Bone
Medium Sitting Whippet with Base
Large Hound
Sheep Dog (Detailed Finish)
Poodle on Pillow (Detailed Finish)
Beagle Pups in Basket (Detailed Finish)
Standing Basset Hound (Detailed Finish)
American Eskimo
Laying Lab Pup
Sitting Golden Retriever Pup
Welcome Lab
Bichon Frise
Springer Spaniel
Chief Fire Dog
Sitting Dalmatian
Large Poodle
Dog with Flower Basket

Small Breeds

Shih Tzu
Small Sitting Collie
Boston Terrier
Dachshund Pup
Jack Russel
Sitting Dachshund Dog
Playful Hound Pup
Angel Dog
Yorkie Dog
Retriever Pup
Dog Tombstone
Beloved Pet Dog Stone
Beagle Plaque
English Bull Dog
Small Hound
Pee Wee
Bull Dog with Collar
Sitting Schnauzer
Begging Shih Tzu
Shar Pei
Scotty Dog (Detailed Finish)
Dog Welcome Stone (Black Marble)
Begging Pomeranian
Small Boston Terrier
Begging Schnauzer
Laying Shih Tzu
Cocker Spaniel Pup
Small Lab Dog


Large Howling Wolf
Large Standing Wolf
Laying Wolf
Small Sitting Wolf (stain)
Medium Howling Wolf
Large Standing Howling Wolf
Howling Coyotes